My desktops:

Acer Vertion X2611G

RAM: 1x4GB DDR3 800MHz(?)

CPU: Intel Pentium G2030 @3.0 GHz

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 2500 (I'm broke)

Hard Disk: Western Digital WD5000AAKX-22ERMA0 (500GB)

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (Polish) & Debian 9 with KDE Plasma (Dual-Boot)

Main monitor: Dell P1911 (1440x900 16:10 [long live 16:10])

Secondary monitor: Philips 226V (1920x1080 16:9)

Dell Inspiron 1720

[missing image]


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo

GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS

Hard Disk: 140GB Toshiba (slowly failing)

Operating System: Windows 8.1 x64 (Polish)

Laptop screen resolution: 1440x900 (1920x1200 max)

Battery? No, runs off AC power adapter

Acer Aspire 5250

[missing image]


CPU: AMD APU with Radeon Graphics

GPU: AMD Radeon

Hard Disk: 300GB unknown (slowly failing, slow)

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (Polish)

Laptop screen resolution: 1366x768

Battery? - Yes, about 1h of charge

IBM ThinkPad T40 (DEAD)

RAM: 1x512MB DDR

CPU: Intel Pentium M 1.5GHz

GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon 7500

Hard Disk: N/A (broken into pieces)

Operating System: N/A (Previously Windows XP Professional SP3 x86)

Laptop screen resolution: 1024x768

Battery? - Yes, ~10 minutes of charge

Dell Optiplex G270/G280 (or GX) (ALSO DEAD, PSU RELATED)

[missing image]

RAM: from 256MB to 768MB, whenever it felt using that many

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz

GPU: Intel Extreme Graphics

Hard Disk: 80GB Seagate(?)

Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP3 x86

Previous machines I've owned:

Unknown PII/PIII machine (owned since 2010, gone 2 years later)

RAM: Possibly 128MB SDRAM

CPU: Possibly Pentium 2 or 3

GPU: Unknown

Hard Disk: N/A

Operating System: Windows XP custom slimmed down installation

Custom pre-built?

RAM: 128MB

CPU: Intel Celeron ?.??GHz

GPU: ATI Radeon 9250 (one of 2)

Hard Disk: Unknown

Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 (last time installation broke and I was unable to reinstall with sucess)

Oldest PC I've owned

I vaguely even remember it, but it ran Windows XP of course.